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“Employment of Palestinian Workers in Israel and the Settlements – Limitations, Restrictions, and Rights Violations.”

vendredi 19 octobre 2012, par La Rédaction

The report describes the many obstacles faced by a Palestinian worker wishing to work in Israel. One of the most difficult obstacles is his dependency on a specific employer.
Were you aware that employment of Palestinians in Israel is limited to only a few certain fields ?
These fields are construction, agriculture, industry, and service. It is difficult to find Israeli workers who are willing to work in these fields, as they generally involve manual labor and low salaries. The restriction in fields of occupation open to Palestinians limits their ability to work in Israel and to develop professionally in other fields.
The report also provides information about Palestinian workers being legally restricted or, in a sense, bound to their employers. Likewise, methods used to limit work permits, including restrictions based on age and marital status, and maximum quotas per field, are also described in the report.
The report reveals a reality in which many employers take advantage of the vulnerability of their Palestinian workers, denying them their full pay and their legal rights and neglecting to provide a safe work environment. This phenomenon is made possible, and is even expanding, as a result of the inefficient conduct and criminal neglect of the authorities in charge of ensuring that employers’ legal obligations are kept.
The report includes Kav LaOved’s recommendations to the government and to various authorities on ways to rectify the main defects identified.

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