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Lebanese Communist Party holds government responsibility for chaos and conspiracy on the public service sector and the rights of its workers

vendredi 1er mars 2013, par La Rédaction

The government of coalition between power of capital and political feudalism continue in its policy of confrontation with the popular movement represented by the trade unions and democratic forces, starting to refuse to decide the “pay scale” for workers in the public service sector, at the behest of the dictates of the financial oligarchy and the International Monetary Fund, till the conspiracy on the elections, through election law that threat the national unity and entity, and seeking to postpone the parliamentary elections, and all related benefits.

While the ”Mikati government” releases security in front of the abusers, from Sectarianism and the ones seeking to a new civil war, on the impact of what is happening in the region, while the growing role of bandits and kidnappers and bombers is unsanctioned, stigmatizing Prime Minister and Minister ears for demands legitimate filed by the coordinating body of association ; but they have no qualms about using all the means and methods to thwart open strike, which began in the country in defense of the continuity of public education and the existence of the public services sector, in time the ruling class with the dominants are conspiring to liquidated and privatization basic services that he provides.

In the time when the dominant class, inside and outside government, to Liquidated the social and health security and hit the education and to privatize the electricity, water and telephone, and do not forget quotas which began about how to invest oil and gas newfound, children die at the doors of hospitals and dilutes the investigation of invalid medicaments, and before that deals of invalid meat and imported foodstuffs of all kinds, and stumbles investigation in collapsed buildings or threatened with collapse. The rosary goes "achievements" and down to simplify the treason for the Zionist enemy and open the door widely, specially the south, for the traitors that are coming back, without shame, from Israeli entity according to the special amnesty law passed by the parliament under the pretext of humanitarian situations.

The time has come to assume this government, along with all the components of the dominant class, the responsibility for major crimes committed daily against the country and the citizen.

It’s time to unite the popular movement to face corruption and corrupted that overindulge people’s rights to live in dignity.

It is time to put an end to those who threaten security and those who blow off in the fire of sectarian and ideological mobilization.

To unite efforts for the adoption of the “pay scale”, and to confront poverty and unemployment, and to take all measures conducive to the stop losses and thefts of and to strengthen the public service sector and its institutions and its employees.

To make demands movements and political platform for real democratic change.

To raise our voice in the demonstration, which will be launched on Sunday March 10, at 10:30 A.M under the slogans of change.

The Political Bureau
of the Lebanese Communist Party
Beirut on 27 February 2013

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