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French boat passengers take legal action against Israel

jeudi 14 mars 2013, par La Rédaction

Passengers of the French boat Dignite Al Karma are taking legal action against Israel. They say Israel illegally attacked their boat in international waters in 2011 as it set sail towards Gaza.

The boat moved towards Gaza after leaving the Greek port of Crete In 2011. Like the famous Mavi Marmara, it was part of the international campaign to break Israeli-imposed blockade on Gaza.
Israel claims it has legal rights on this issue. But for the passengers of the boat, it is a clear violation of international laws.
The 16 French passengers are members of several civil groups, political parties and labor unions which support Palestine.
They have already visited Gaza to support Palestinians who have been under Israeli occupation for more than six years.
They claim they have sufficient proof against Israel over the boat issue and have the support of legal experts on international laws.
Here in the Paris court, passengers of the French boat say they demand justice and if they do not get justice, they will take matters to the country’s higher courts.

News on PressTV
Journalist : Anustup Roy.
Cameraman/editor : Chris Den Hond

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