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Solidarity with the resistance of the Palestinian people Against the new Zionist agression.

mercredi 16 juillet 2014, par La Rédaction

The 8 Parties of the “Arab Left Forum” in Lebanon (which include the Lebanese Communist Party and the Palestinian People Party, affiliated to IMCWP) made a meeting in the office of the Press trade union, to protest against the new Israeli agression against Gaza and to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and its Resistance.
Lebanese and Palestinian political representatives were present in this meeting, also the representatives of women, trade unions, youth, teachers and journalists.
Dr. Marie Nassif – Debs, coordinator of the “Arab Left Forum”, presented a paper where she spooks about the dangerous situation because of the new US-Israeli project, presented one year ago by John Kerry ; she said that this project aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the implementation of the first phase of the project, "the State of Israel, the Jews in the world". She called for the solidarity with the people of Palestine and its resistance which must be supported in order to launch a new popular uprising on all the land of Palestine to liberate the land and to establish a Palestinian national state.
She also called for a demonstration against the U.S. Embassy, the Embassy of the European Union, and also against the positions of the United Nations and reactionary Arab regimes because of their policies supporting the aggressor.
She also called on the Palestinian leftist forces to unite in order to unify the Palestinian people behind the Resistance and the preparation of the new Intifada, which are essential for the liberation of the occupied territory and building a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. Finally, she called for the development of the struggles and uprisings waged by the Arab peoples in the Levant and Maghreb for the salvation of dependency, poverty and underdevelopment and terrorism, state terrorism led by Washington and Tel Aviv, and for the restoration of Arab wealth looted and build a society of democracy and social justice, welfare and progress.

(The Arab Left Forum – Beirut, 15th of July 2014)

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